OpenClinic Project

Download page

All OpenClinic versions can be found at SourceForge download page. You can also find there the documents attached to the project.

Source code project can be found at GitHub.

What is CSHC-DSS?

This project explains how the environment must be set where OpenClinic is to be on production. It is included different aspects: from the choice of operative system to how it must be set to be a web server and database.

What is CSHC-DI?

In this project it is shown the development proccess of the final design: the OpenClinic software. How the database has been designed, the classes, the different pages and why some decissions have been taken in the design. You can find also a detailed manual to use the application.

All available documentation to download (0.1 version) is for 0.6 version of OpenClinic.

File signature to check its authenticity

In the next table, we provide you the signatures of the files that can be downloaded in md5 format. This way you can its good accuracy and authenticity.

File md5 signature
openclinic-0.8.2.tar.bz2 2cbfce5b7b7d47dc76c0a4856db51723
openclinic-0.7.tar.bz2 0338bd0e62ecc971d4a863a388cc1ad1
openclinic-0.7.tar.gz 029f51523c202e2d1afff8837adb2df5
openclinic-0.6.tar.bz2 a26aae34d4f9dd0f292d2e040b7c7f7b
openclinic-0.6.tar.gz 6247d609212e492eb9e943624ca10962 8faa4419ebffdee3a8792df79a1d2c57 66938a130902dc763fb8f98a5e6a6aa5 a387b15dda4de9062946b62c2844db5d 592cdeca61f264ddd529871942a4cfc3 90401fc077b46b306f019604b6673e7a 9b65c6095d307d205d80ec6cfe69f6a2 6a9623e9c6a824c8e1f66aa05d17b0f0 74ce94de590a28e0d5e8537de305cdb1 799402d463fb26bb43410f7d3170d2c1 e5e2a16689f8b0548e29d8522c2827f6 23e71a0d70001d40b3ec101e99f6a979 30efd8e7b49f12677fa0cc851551cc02 564834bae00ccfb70407a26ce6a124d4 6f8206ad4b98c9d7999139ed5dc5fe60